Naming is Knowing

No matter which discipline you're learning, developing fluency and vocabulary is the first step to mastery. Marketing automation is no exception.

While much of the work we do in automation is intuitive to most marketers, there are some critical details that can not be glossed over. Knowing the names of all the pieces makes it much easier to put the puzzle together.

This Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology is an excellent quick reference guide to learning the lingo of the marketing automation practice. In this guide, we cover all the essential terminology you need to get up to speed with marketing automation strategy.

You will learn:

  • How to think about lead scoring for better prospect segmentation.
  • How to understand DKIM to assure email deliverability.
  • How to use dynamic content in your marketing automation campaigns.
  • How to implement progressive profiling to collect deep insights about your prospects.

Evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions

We cover all the terms you need to know to properly evaluate a marketing automation solution. Whether you're looking for an alternative to your existing system or just starting out, you can use this glossary as a checklist to make sure that corresponding features to these terms are offered on the platform you choose.

You can also check out our marketing automation strategy articles to make sure you're covering all the bases when it comes to making your marketing automation decision.