Mautic Training - Week One - Symbolscape Inc.

Welcome to Mautic University

Intro to Mautic

The Mautic Dashboard

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Dashboard Overview: Navigating the Mautic Interface

Introduction to the Dashboard: Gain familiarity with Mautic's layout and main navigation areas.

Customizing Your View: Learn to tailor the dashboard to showcase the information most relevant to your needs.

Configuration Basics

System Settings: Dive into essential system configurations like site URL, language, and timezone.

Email Settings: Establish email settings for optimal deliverability, including email service provider setup.

User Management: Understand managing user accounts, roles, and permissions for effective team collaboration.

Contacts Management

Adding Contacts: Discover the basics of manually adding contacts to your Mautic database.

Managing Contacts: Explore methods to view, search, and organize contacts within Mautic.

Importing Contacts: Guidance on preparing and importing contacts through a CSV file, ensuring data integrity.

Adding Contacts to Segments

Understanding Segments: Gain insights into Mautic segments and their role in targeted marketing.

Manual and Automatic Segment Assignment: Techniques for adding contacts to segments manually or using filters for automation.

Adding and Mapping Custom Fields

Creating Custom Fields: Learn how to create custom fields for capturing unique contact information.

Utilizing Custom Fields: Discover how custom fields enhance segmentation and campaign targeting.

Segmentation: Creating and Managing Segments for Targeted Marketing

Segment Creation: Instructions on creating segments based on contact properties, behaviors, and custom fields.

Segment Management: Best practices for maintaining segments to reflect changing marketing strategies.

Additional Essentials for the First Day

Cron Jobs Setup: Introduction to cron jobs in Mautic, essential for automating tasks.

Email Configuration and Testing: Detailed steps for setting up and testing email configurations.

Security Best Practices: Overview of security measures to protect your Mautic installation.