Symbolscape is proud to be a SharpSpring Agency Partner. We believe that content marketing is a fruitless endeavor without a robust marketing automation solution in place.

Your marketing automation platform—your MAP—tracks your website visitor behavior across your site and can record information about how your users are using other marketing channels, such as email and social media. This application will serve as the company’s digital business intelligence gathering system.

We use marketing automation to turn anonymous visitors into known leads, deliver personalized content to our subscribers, identify and qualify leads by segment, and deploy messaging campaigns that nurture our audiences across social media and email. With marketing automation, all of these campaigns are managed and synchronized from once central dashboard.

Marketing Automation Services

  • SharpSpring Integration Services
  • CRM Integration Consulting
  • Setup & Configure Lead Scoring
  • Setup & Configure Lead Segmentation
  • Create Email Nurture Logic
  • Create & Deploy Landing Pages
  • Create & Deploy Registration Forms
  • Design & Create Email Templates
  • Configure Progressive Profiling
  • Customer Journey Analysis & Reporting
  • Create & Present Monthly MQL Reports