Automation Tactics for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Marketing automation is a game changer. You've already done the hard work to develop a content marketing arsenal, but without a marketing automation strategy in place, the bulk of your content probably spends most of its time picking flowers in the outfield.

This Marketing Automation Playbook covers all the terrain necessary to help you get the ball moving. In this 25 page guide, we cover all the vital tactics required to generate more leads and convert more prospects to new business.

You will learn:

  • How to develop personas for prospect segmentation.
  • How to identify the best leads using behavior tracking and lead scoring.
  • How to seamlessly integrate your social media distribution strategy with marketing automation campaigns.
  • How to build nurture and drip campaigns to accelerate the buy cycle and close more deals.
Not only does marketing automation increase content performance and maximize your content marketing investment, it can serve as the focal point for all your sales and marketing activity. With stakeholders from both your sales and marketing teams using the same system to track prospects and deliver content, everyone will share the same data, making the elusive goal of sales and marketing alignment a realistic opportunity.

The clock is ticking. It's time to move the ball downfield. Download your playbook now and get started on your game plan today.