"Content marketing is all the marketing that's left"

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    6 Invincible Ways to Improve Your Yelp Game Plan

    It’s Friday and around dinner time. People are ready to go out and grab some good grub, but the problem is, where do they go? There are millions of restaurants that are ready and willing to accept people’s cash. [...]

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    Mastering LinkedIn for Content Marketing

    There’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. There’s YouTube. When it comes to thinking about content marketing in the social media, those are the big three that immediately come to mind.  But there are other options that are overlooked, chief among them [...]

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    The only marketing left?

    Among many things, Seth Godin is famous for his quote that content marketing “is all the marketing that’s left.” 

    Modern marketers should make no bones about it, content marketing is here to stay. Everyday more and more [...]